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Bull Bronson Reinstated, To Face Shane Rich April 27

This match has been three months in the making. It all began at the Pro Wrestling Collision debut event, when Bull Bronson demanded a challenge, only to be answered by the "Serial Thriller" Shane Rich.

In February, the issues between these two got physical, as Bronson attacked Rich after his match with Blake Steel. Senior ring announcer Bob Fester was taken out in the fray, and Owner Chris Hagstrom suspended Bronson indefinitely.

At the last taping, Rich asked - or slightly demanded - that Bronson be reinstated and that they be allowed to fight. Hagstrom approved and decided that Rich and Bronson will have the opportunity to settle their score one-on-one on Saturday, April 27.

The issues between these two are personal, and neither man is going to go down without a fight.



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