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Jerome Cusson raises issues with chaos of COLLISION Episode Four

Pro Wrestling Collision management received the following message from Jerome Cusson, editor of Pro Wrestling Ponderings and one-half of the COLLISION announce team.

"I have now had the opportunity to commentate on four epiosdes of Pro Wrestling Collision. One of the reasons I take a six-hour train ride and sacrifice my weekends is the incredible work of Owner Chris Hagstrom and Creative Director Adam Testa.

Their professionalism sets such a high standard that bigger name independent wrestlers such as Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic have talked about returning to Carbondale sooner rather than later.

This brings me to Episode Four and one of the most unacceptable incidents I’ve ever seen.

Bob Fester is an institution within the world of Southern Illinois wrestling. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on this area, but I am a student of the game who has a great deal of respect for the history of this business. To see a 60-year-old get brutally shoved by Bull Bronson for no reason angered me.

As a professional, I felt an obligation to finish the episode. I also wanted to show respect for the six competitors whom I have the utmost respect for in the main event. It’s great that Bronson is suspended indefinitely, but what about the injuries Fester suffered. as well as the security staff who got shoved around needlessly?

The reality is Pro Wrestling Collision presented unsafe working conditions for everyone involved during that episode.

Perhaps this was best exemplified by Matt Cage, who verbally attacked Heath Hatton and brought a young child into the realm of wrestling. I firmly believe in mafia rules, just business and nothing personal. Including Hatton’s daughter.

There was simply no reason for that. Security once again had to break up a chaotic situation and put themselves in harm’s way. Coming after what happened with Bob Fester, this was another log on the fire.

My plans for March 23, when COLLISION Episodes Five and Six are taped, is not to be in Carbondale. I am protesting for the sake of security, the embattled officials and, most importantly, Bob Fester.

To paraphrase a famous wrestler from my neck of the woods, I am trying to be a voice for the voiceless. In a sense, I am #SittingOneOutforBob

I will be meeting with Chris and Adam in the very near future to discuss my issues and hope to return in April."

As a result of the events of Episode Four and Jerome's concern, Owner Chris Hagstrom has decided that he personally will join Kevin Hunsperger at the commentary booth for Saturday's COLLISION taping. This will allow him the opportunity to keep a close eye on everything happening at the event.

Fans will be able to see the events of Episode Four for themselves later this week on our YouTube channel.


Precisely why do a number of us take into account the hospice?

Owning an terminal health problem is quite a job. This will likely make another person lose hope interested in the tiny time frame quit. Several stick to types of treatment method aiming to deal with their health problem. Most often, however, prolonged using different your treatment plan brings about only a fragile body system.

You a chance to contemplate hospice services is definitely when the doctor diagnoses an port sickness. This specific simply means in which likelihood which the afflicted person will not reside for long, w$p1erajmy hosp1cja. Requirements of the words from your doctor will be able to the actual patient and also the folks worried, resentful, and a lot of times, despairing. Both males and females must recognize that with the perceived hospice will not be a outward exhibition of pessimism. Nor ought it to signify which the patient and also the family members will be stopping the struggle. They need to see this particular as an probability to alleviate the particular suffering from the afflicted personal during his/her staying occasion.

Impacted individuals typically favour in home the hospice care, w$p1erajmy hosp1cja. This specific alternative permits them to stay in the actual solitude of their properties while enjoying the last moments of these day-to-day lives. Additional selections consist of inns as well as locations.

An outstanding hospice health care center provides skilled physicians with experience with geriatric (for getting older afflicted individuals) along with pediatric (for adolescent afflicted individuals) care and attention. It needs to also provide specialists with oncology (cancer-related subset of medicine) in addition to palliative treatments (healthcare field which will prevents and reduces affliction of your stricken individual). Each one of these pros possess the knowledge along with competence to get over clients whether for the house or simply in an aided living middle.

The middle should also have authorized nurses, coopération, and nutritionists. Several amenities provide volunteers who all help in offering the special preferences of the patients. Several establishments provide nurse services right through the day and nighttime. Families value that if their own loved one needs notice, nurse practitioners can take steps even in the exact wee a long time.

The hospice services in addition have counseling in addition to supervision for your patients and the friends and family, w$p1erajmy hosp1cja. The difficulty can be be extremely disappointing and difficult to deal with. The particular patients instantly find exceedingly disheartened surface. Pro guidance counselors can help these folks handle the truth. Asile also provide with the spiritual requirements of the patients, in addition to addressing the exact mental and psychological affliction. Religious counselors, interpersonal workers, and also volunteers help help support the patient to sleep in optimistic in addition to live a superb living.

Asile services outstanding options while dealing with situations of your crictally not well general. It does take cautious making decisions for your along with also often the afflicted personal. The decision requires emotive preparedness to stop uncertainty of these trying situations.

Gwen Price are an actual therapist who would like to get hospice plus in pursuit of top of the line hospice companies in suburban areas.

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