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Matt Cage, Billy Hills to Compete At COLLISION Taping

"Farmer" Billy Hills has had his hands full with Zakk Sawyer since the debut of Pro Wrestling Collision. Now, on April 27, he'll get a shot at the man who claims to have taught Sawyer everything he knows.

Matt Cage is coming off a loss to Heavyweight Champion Heath Hatton earlier this month, and he's looking to rebound and get back on the winning track. Bitter about Sawyer's ability to defeat Hills while he lost to Hatton, he requested this match with "Farmer."

Cage and Hills have met once before, in a six-man tag team contest featured on Episode 4 of COLLISION, but this will be their first singles encounter in the company. Both men know how much this win will mean to their standing in the company, but only one can earn it.


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no holds barred

this is an amazing fight between the now famous Matt Cage, Billy Hills to compete at COLLISION Taping against the formidable Zakk Sawyer since the debut of Pro Wrestling Collision. cheers.

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Lets go Matt Cage :D

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