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Zakk Sawyer Earns First Championship Opportunity

After his win over "Farmer" Billy Hills on Saturday, Zakk Sawyer has proclaimed himself "King of the Leaderboard" in Pro Wrestling Collision.

With a surprising 3-0 record, it's a little hard to argue with his claims. But beating Hills did more than pad Sawyer's record; it also earned him a shot at the No Limits Championship.

That opportunity will come on Saturday, April 27, when Sawyer challenges Joey O'Riley with the title on the line.

Can Sawyer ride this wave of momentum and become the first member of Team Overkill to win a championship in Pro Wrestling Collision, or will O'Riley hold onto his championship for at least another month?


Billy Hills is a very good

Billy Hills is a very good wrestling player. Well he deserves to get this opportunity.

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